General rules for the event

A professional and successful event needs rules. Here you can read all the rules at a glance. By booking a Lashmeeting ticket or by registering for the live and online championships you agree to the rules.

1: The place for the championship and for the lashmeeting are only binding if they are also paid by you. No place without payment.

2: After payment, cancellation is not possible and therefore there is no money back. If at the time of the championship a Corona illness takes hold of you and therefore you cannot participate, you will have the possibility to find a substitute. Be sure to contact us then to find a solution. However, a positive PCR test is required for this.

3: All pictures and videos that we as organizer or photographers commissioned by us make are our property. Also, we may use them without consent from you and those of your models. e.g. On social media and our homepage.

4: All participants and models must be at least 18 years old.

5: The championship is for all students and professionals.

6: On the championship area and especially during the championship.

eating and drinking is not allowed.

7: Alcohol is strictly prohibited.

8: Both the participants and the models must be neutrally dressed.

be, no companies must be recognizable. Also zb. Headband etc not.

This is important so that an evaluation remains anonymous.

9: Only the competitors and the models are allowed to be on the championship area. all other companions are strictly forbidden to enter the championship area. prohibited.

10: The competitors and the models are allowed to leave the area during the championship only if accompanied by a team member. EX. Toilet visit

11: After registration you will receive a confirmation email, if you have not received one, please log in by email to

12: We provide couches and normal sitting chairs and blanket. Those who wish to bring their own are welcome to do so. Please let us know briefly.

All other materials such as lights, pillows, material cart, extension cords and lash & brow products are to be brought. The Glam Lashes booth is next to the championship area and can sell forgotten products like lights, cushions and lash products to you.

13: All participants with their models must go to registration and lashcheck. You will receive a number there so that the jury can evaluate anonymously.

14: You can then finish your square and prepare your model. You may put on the pad and also do the lashmapping.

15: Anyone who starts to work in hand before the starting signal will be disqualified by our area jury.

16: During the championship you have to fill in a slip of paper where you write the bend and lengths. On this slip of paper you stick the used eye pad on it and give it to your model. Besides, you will also give your model 2 brushes and 2 fresh eye pads.

17: After the final signal, the tweezers and brushes must be left lying and the model must stand up. Further work on the model is not permitted.

18: Pictures are taken of all models

19: A level in a category only takes place if min. 5 participants take part.

20: There is a ranking of 1-3 per level and the winners are determined by adding up the points. Sometimes it happens that seats are occupied twice. We take the liberty of giving both of them a cup, but we send the cup to one of them.

21: There is only 1 Lashqueen and 1 Browqueen.

22: All products used must be clearly labeled. Products without labeling must not be used.

23: The jury can deduct points if rules are not followed.

There are also points deducted for glue on the pads, redness on the eye, which can be seen before the

Championship were not there. When eyelashes or eyebrows have been overlifed.

When the skin is injured or becomes very red.

24: The models are obliged to present themselves to all jurors, leaving the jury area early is not allowed.

25: No eyebrow makeup is allowed for the Brow Championships. So it must not be concealed. No camouflage either. Plucking and waxing we recommend to do before the championship to avoid redness.

26: We take the liberty of disqualifying a winner if he/she has intentionally registered at the wrong level. e.g. is trainer but has concealed from us. Trainer is anyone who has ever issued certificates. Changes must be communicated to us before the championship.

27: For online, only the requested images may be sent. Missing a picture may result in 0 points. Besides, the jury can only evaluate something if they see it. Therefore, very good quality images are very important. Check your images yourself before you send them.

28: Editing the skin is allowed, but we do not recommend it, because it is always

that inadvertently the eyelashes are also processed. Editing the eyelashes and eyebrows is strictly prohibited. Our jury is trained there.

29: Note the other rules in the criteria for online and live.

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